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Industry Officer
image Dipendra Yadav
Information Officer
image Ram Narayan Sah


This  office is situated  in ward no. 10 of Lahan municipality siraha district of province 2, 2km north from mahendra highway. This office was established in 24 baisakh 2036, Monday.It has own building, training hall and accommodation for staff. The function carried out by the office are registration and monitoring of industries and commercial institutions, their renewal, conducting various training to produce new entrepreneurs in various places of  the district, making   entrepreneurs self-relient by transfering the technologies, monitoring of the markets to bring an end of cartelling and keeping  the standard quality of food items sold in markets.

This office has regularly been conducting various training programmes for skill development such as Tailoring, garments, furniture, and wooden arts, textiles, boutqe  and handicrafts are a few of the trainings performed by the office.



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